Who is the heroine of Kannada movie Huduga Hudigi

Kannada director Indrajith Lankesh refuses to give away who the leading lady of Huduga Hudugi is. With six actresses in it perhaps it’s the best strategy.

Ileana, Sada, Bieanca Desai, Sanjana, Anita and Lekha Washington.

Dhyaan (Samir Dattani in Bollywood) gets to romance all these beauties in his latest Kannada film Huduga Hudugi directed by Indrajith Lankesh.

But neither the director, nor, on his insistence, the actors are ready to reveal who the ‘heroine’ is. To make things more complicated Dhyaan romances a different girl in each of the songs that have been released for to publicise the film.

“Sure, we have had to play up the glamour quotient in the film, but that does not mean Dhyaan will be seen as a serial lover or a Casanova. Each girl has a different characterisation. Lekha Washington plays an opportunist, Sada a girl-next-door, Bieanca a talkative sort and so on. So the promos are not just about cashing in on their glamourous images alone," says Indrajith Lankesh, refusing to point out any one of them as the leading lady.

Ileana makes her debut in Kannada with this film and sources say it has cost the producer Rs 50 lakh. Indrajith who introduced Deepika Padukone to films is making a comeback after three years. Dhyaan and Sada, who had been paired in his earlier film Monalisa are the only repetitions.

Kannada actor Ganesh was first approached for the role Dhyaan is playing. “But my economics dictates that the lead actor receive 20 per cent of the total budget of the film. If it is 60 per cent, it becomes unviable,” says Indrajith.


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