Kannada actor Shiva Rajkumar as Bhakta Kumbara

Shiva Rajkumar will be seen in the role of Bhakta Kumbara, a character his dad immortalised on-screen.

Right on the heels of accepting to play the Kannada version of James Bond, that his father the legendary Rajkumar essayed in four films, kannada actor Shiva Rajkumar has now agreed to act in the new version of Bhakta Kumbara. The original, made in 1973, is a devotional that is considered a classic of Rajkumar’s. This will be the second devotional film for Shiva Rajkumar where he will be playing the same role his father had earlier. Early in his career he acted in Shiva Mechchida Kanappa, that was modelled on Rajkumar’s first film Bedara Kanappa. Rajkumar even acted in that film. The two were seen again in the sequel of Gandhadagudi.

With Bhakta Kumbara, he continues to take the legacy of his father further. In his recent kannada film, Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu, montages of Shiva Rajkumar showed him in the getups of many famous characters his father had essayed. It included Bhakta Kumbara.

Shiva Rajkumar had expressed that the one role of his father’s that he would want to re-enact was Bhakta Kumbara. He made mention of this to the media at his residence last month while celebrating the completion of 100 films. “I cannot do what he has done. But I am confident that I can at least match 30 per cent of it. That would be a great achievement,” he had said.

The very next day producer Sandesh Nagaraj spoke to Shiva Rajkumar about making the film. No time was wasted and S Mahendar was appointed as the director. The title has been registered with the Film Chamber. But given the actor’s current commitments, the film will have to wait for one year at least. Free download kannada film songs.


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