Amoolya in new kannada film Manasolage

The Cheluvina Chittara girl was the cynosure of all eyes, causing a minor commotion while shooting in Mysore.

Looks like namma Cheluvina Amulya has put the alleged kiss episode behind her and moved on. And good for her, we say. The kannada actress amoolya has also proved her detractors wrong and even put speculation of losing out on fans and her position in the market after the scandal to rest. This, the teenager proved while shooting for a kannada film recently in Mysore.

We hear that kannada actress Amulya caused a mini-stampede while shooting for her latest film, Manasologe. The film’s unit was shooting on Urs Road close to the Chamundi Guest House while the incident occurred. “Film actors and movie sets are a common sight in Mysore as the city has once again become a favourite location for filmmakers,” says our khabru. “But on Monday m o r n i n g , while I was passing by Urs Road with a friend, it was a rather strange sight. People were tripping over each other to get a closer look at the proceedings. On enquiring, I was told that Amulya was shooting for a film. And people were very curious to see her,” he adds.

Director Deepak Urs admits that he was also surprised by the turnout. “It got really tough to control the crowd after a point. Everyone was screaming, “Aishu, Aishu”, which was Amulya’s screen name in Cheluvina Chittara. We’ve seen people whistling in theatres. This is the first time we’ve experienced a volley of whistles when a heroine completed a take,” adds Deepak.

As for Amulya, she’s thrilled with the response she elicited from onlookers. “It’s a high for any artiste when the audience showers you with so much love. And to witness such adulation at my age feels like an achievement. Even when I had come for kannada actress Premism, people showed me the same love,” she says.

Deepak, who’s also her brother, adds that all the bitter incidents are in the past. “A 60-year old man came to me and confessed how his entire household loved Amulya and that he’s happy that she hasn’t been bogged down by the s c a n d a l , ” adds Deepak, who is also prod u c i n g this kannada film.