Upendra's new kannada film super

Like the picture says, please squint, overlap the two images and find a third image jumping out at you. That’s what you need to do to view the 3D poster of Uppi’s latest kannada film super. Because the man doesn’t go by the usual print ads, posters and TV interviews. And trust the Real Star to come up with an innovative promotional tactic every couple of months in the run-up to his kannada film’s release.

After the hand symbol and the unique ad that called for upcoming talent to feature in his kannada film, the latest are 3D posters of his film featuring leading lady Nayanthara and him. “It’s the concept that conveys the theme of my movie. Just like the images, there are two tracks in my film that have a common link leading to a third story,” explains Upendra. And the idea behind it, he reveals, is to educate audiences about the subject of the story in a unique way rather than just talking about it. And his entire team was involved in the making of the poster. “Since the title Super was also suggested by the audience — which they arrived at after getting a dekko at the hand symbol — I felt they’d be able to figure out the storyline through this 3D image,” he tells us.

But he’s been so secretive about the subject of his film all this while. “Ella vishaya helidre cinema nodo maja yelli? The audience will not feel special when they watch this kannada film,” he reasons. But the Real Star promises that Super will have all the elements of a full-on entertainer — including love, revenge, mast dialogues and even foot-tapping music — like all his previous directorials. “Most of all, our film is based on comedy and sarcasm,” he reveals. The actor plans to hold the audio release of the film in the first week of November and release the film later that month.