GAANA BAJANA - New Kannada film review

• DIRECTOR: Prashanth Raj
• ACTORS : Tharun Chandra, Radhika Pandit, Dilip Raj, Sharan, CR Simha, Yeshwanth Sirdeshpande

There is a superstition in the kannada film industry -if someone’s lucky for you, use them till they turn unlukcy! Looks like Prashanth, director of kannada film Gaana Bajana (Free download Gana bajana songs here), is following that dictum. He’s repeated the three main actors from his debut kannada film Love Guru. Not only that, even the characters in Gaana Bajana seems similar to Love Guru. Deja vu! However, the film scores in style. With youngsters as his target audience, Prashanth keeps the film fast-paced enough to keep them glued.

It's a simple love story. Two youngsters, Krish (Tharun) and Radhe (Radhika Pandit) fall in love and the relationship develops at the usual city hangouts. There is Dilip Raj playing a dandy who gives the film a fillip every time he is on screen. Radhe initially rejects Krish because she loves the other guy. The premise is mundane. But the stylish presentation somehow makes you want to tolerate the film, which lacks in substance. Gaana Bajana is entertaining for the sake of being entertaining.

Joshua Sridhar's music, which remains 'inspired', is the highlight of the film. Shekar's camerawork allows Prashanth what he wanted, an avant-garde Kannada production. Take a break from the serious stuff and enjoy this kannada film.