Kannada comedy actor Sharan

Kannada Actor sharan runs into trouble again with the crew of kannada film Mattondu Maduvena, this time over boorish conduct.

It is tough times for Kannada comedy actor Sharan. The trouble started when he demanded full payment from producer Umesh Banakar before he dubbed for Mattondu Maduvena, leading to some unsavoury moments. Making things worse, Banakar has now accused the actor of not taking his calls prior to a press conference. The director, too, dialled up, but in vain.

It is learnt Kannada comedy actor Sharan (Watch kannada comedy scenes / video here) did not respond to the calls despite repeated attempts. But Sharan later called the film’s production manager, enquiring him why the producer had called.

“This is bad. He did not respond to my calls. Later, he replied to the text-message and agreed to attend the event. During shooting breaks, he would be on the cell phone always. So I do not understand why he cannot pick our calls. I am very upset with him,” the film’s director Baboo said.

The duel started with Sharan expressing displeasure on the payment. His remuneration was Rs 7.5 lakh out of which only Rs 2.5 lakh was paid through cheque. The rest he wanted in cash. The producer deducted Rs 25,000 from the payment as he had to pay TDS. But Sharan wanted the full amount as he was unwilling to reclaim the TDS amount after filing income-tax returns.

“Actors like Anant Nag, Suhasini and Tara did not trouble us. But Sharan, a wonderful actor beyond doubts, should not waste his care by such behaviour,” said Baboo.