Kannada fim Bisile movie review

• DIRECTOR Sandeep S Gowda
• ACTORS Diganth, Jennifer Kotwal, Dwarakish, Jai Jagadish

Breezy and unpretentious, that is Sandeep’s kannada film Bisile for you. The newcomer deserves praise for a groovy narrative, lovable characters and witty dialogues.

The story goes like this: Vicky (Diganth) is a happy-golucky student whose obsession is showing off before his friends and managing money for booze. Though his flamboyance helps him wriggle out of trouble every time, his efforts at wooing Anu (his neighbour and collegemate) come a cropper as she barely acknowledges him. On a trip to Bisile Ghat, a thick forest area, the two get lost and love blossoms in the woods.

To the credit of director (who has written the story and dialogues as well) the film rolls like an effortless creation on the screen though the efforts behind the scenes could have been arduous. However, it is the fine-tuning of each character that makes the film captivating. Like Dwarakish with his obsession for a military career or Jai Jagadish as a father reluctant to see his daughter fall for a dandy. Even smaller characters stand out, like Biradara, who appears for less than a minute. So are the roles of Lakshmidevamma, Shivaram, Maina Chandru and Umesh. (Free download Bisile kannada film songs)

Though the storyline is slim, it is amply made up by dialogues. In this aspect, Diganth gets to mouth dialogues which his mentor Yograj Bhat made popular once — and it never goes over the top. Effortless, Bisile must be Diganth's best film to date. For the visual canopy he provides, Niranjan Babu, the cinematographer, too deserves a special mention. Sandeep’s dazzling debut offers a rare sunshine for Kannada industry. Bisile is a beauty. Soak in. (Download free MP3 kannada songs)

Though chocolate boy kannada actor Diganth, affectionately called 'Doodhpeda Diganth', has achieved success through Yogaraj Bhat directed kannada films, he has not been able to repeat the magic in films directed by others. But Diganth is confident that his new film Bisile directed by newbie director Sandeep S. Gowda will erase this notion in the trade circles. (Donwload sexy kannada actress pictures)

Kiran Reddy is the producer along with Chandru Gowda. Sandeep Gowda who has written the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film says the story revolves around two youngsters with different upbringing and mindsets meeting in a trekking program. How they understand each other and fall in love forms the story. It is a feel good story with a lot of comic elements and a little bit of emotion. 'Bisile will change the common belief that Jennifer can only dance and look bubbly on screen. Diganth has also undergone a radical transformation', says Sandeep Gowda.

'We wanted to release the film in good theatres and multiplexes after Pancharangi and were prepared to wait', says Kiran Reddy. Dwarakish, Chitra Shenoy, Umesh, Sunethra Pandit, Late Maina Chandru are the other artists of the film.

'Mast Majaa Maadi was a hit, but unfortunately I was one of the four heroes in the film. But I think Bisile will certainly be liked by my fans as the story is youth oriented. I will always be grateful to Yogaraj Bhat for picking me in all his films since Mungaru Male. Bisile is a neat film with good songs and visuals. It is a complete film', says Diganth. (Read kannada actor Digant biography)

The film's heroine Jennifer says it is the best role in her career. 'I had to go on a trekking tour to many places. I saw the best of temples, jungles during the shoot', says Jennifer. Niranjan Babu is the cameraman. Gagan Bateria and Rishi Hari team up for the music.