Kannada film director B Suresh

Kannada actor and director Ravichandran once noticed a guy working very hard to put up the set of a film. He enquired if he was the art director of the kannada film. To his surprise he found that the guy was actually its assistant director. Ravichandran immediately picked him up for his next kannada film (Free download Ravichandran movies and songs here). Earning around Rs 7,000 for writing dialouges and working on the script, the youngster had not seen better days. He wrote the dialogues for Ravichandran’s Putnanja and during the course had been paid Rs 13,000; almost double of what he would earn in other kannada films.

On the day of the film’s release he reached Sagar cinema hall late as his bike ran out of petrol. Nobody recognised him and since he wasn’t carrying money to buy a kannada film ticket, he chose to push his bike back to Ravichandran’s office. He wanted to leave it there for safety and reach home. Ravichandran called him inside and enquired if he had received the payment. “Yes sir. Long back,” came the reply. “Did you take the payment today?” asked Ravi and the youth was thrilled and surprised that there was more money coming his way.

“Ravichandran put 1.30 lakh in my hands. It was the first time I was holding so much money. The total payment I received for the kannada film was now Rs 1.44 lakh. When I took it home, my wife did not believe me. She said I must have stolen the money. That film made me a star,” remembers B Suresha. Kannada director Suresha went on to direct two films; Tapori and Artha and produce a few others. In the meantime he has written and directed more than 4,000 episodes of various serials. Suresha says that the confidence money gives is immense. “It is power in the pocket,” he says.

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He has started directing his third kannada film, Puttakkana Highway, that has Prakash Rai and Shruti in the lead. It is based on a short story written by Nagatihalli Chandrashekar. For a change Hamsalekha will be composing music for the lyrics of another writer. Yograj Bhat has penned three songs.