Kannada film Mylari release got delayed

Kannada film actor Shiva Rajkumar’s 99th film Mylari deferred after it fails to reach the Censor Board.

Shiva Rajkumar's 99th kannada film Mylari will not release this Friday as planned earlier. The R Chandru-directed flock had a frantic shooting schedule and post-production to meet the date, but it proved too late. At the last minute, the Censor Board officials did not watch the film on Monday. The kannada movie was finally censored on Wednesday and got a U/A certificate. Free download kannada film Mylari sogs here.

Undeterred, the film's producer, KP Srikanth, says the film will get one more week for publicity. (Free kannada film Mylari pictures)

Meanwhile, Mylari has lived up to its hype, being one of the selected kannada films this year that was sold outright to distributors in all territories. Sources said the producer had already made profits. Of late, distributors are picking up films for distribution only on commission basis. Shiva Rajkumar, at 99, is still rocking. (Free download kannada MP3 here)

Kannada film Director Chandru is thrilled as well. “Rajkumar said he was very happy with the new look I had given in the film and the fact that the film has garnered such hype,” he said. Besides, Chandru has signed the actor for his next two projects.