Updendra's Super kannada film is not remake

We can already imagine Uppi shaking his head in disgust and mouthing the line, “I don’t like it Kantha, I don’t like it” at the mention of this news. Because just when kannada Real Star Upendra’s Super team was celebrating the film’s unparalleled run at the BO, comes a dampener — that of plagiarism. While a little-known filmmaker accused Upendra of having plagiarised the script of Super on Wednesday, we learnt that wasn’t the only incident. Two other people also made claims that they were the original writers of Super — one even visited a local TV station to make this announcement, while the other went to the Directors’ Association.

When we spoke to kannada actor Upendra, he initially refused to comment on the issue, but then brushed off the allegations by saying, “Among the previous two who claimed the storyline was theirs, one was found to be mentally unsound, while the Directors’ Association said the other was doing it for his two minutes of fame,” added Uppi.

Then there’s the kannada filmmaker who claimed to have narrated a story similar to Super to Uppi a couple of years ago, but dropped project due to remuneration issues. “I meet 100 people every day. This guy could be one of them,” said an irritated Uppi, adding, “There are many newbies and wannabes who come to me expressing a desire to work with me. I don’t remember meeting this man, forget reading his script. And if he’s so confident that Super’s script is his, let him show me the proof,” said Uppi.

Apparently, the Real Star asked the so-called filmmaker the same question. And he said the opening scene of Super and the concept of India transforming into a superpower was his. But he neither has a copyright over the script, nor has he registered it. “Why do people wake up three weeks after a film’s release? That too, after it’s been declared a superhit? Super is an original story,” he said.