Top 10 kannada films of 2010

Here is our choice of top 10 films from the Kannada film industry for the year 2010. The movies were chosen based on their box office ratings, the profit and the performances.

Aaptha Rakshaka

Director: P.Vasu
Producer: Krishna Prajwal
Cast: Dr. Vishnuvardhan, Vimala Raman, Sandhya, Bhavana, Avinash
Music: Guru Kiran.

Kannada film Aaptha Rakshaka directed by P.Vasu is a sequel to Aaptha Mithra starring Dr. Vishnuvardhan
and Soundarya. The film went on to become the biggest hit in the Kannada film industry. Dr. Vishnuvardhan died fifty days before its release.

Dr. Vishnu`s performance in the two different roles, Vasu`s interesting script and Guru Kiran`s
composition of `Chamundi Thaayi Aane` are the highest points of this Kannada film. (Download free songs,
Video, MP3 here)


Director: Soori
Producer: Ms. Parvathamma Raj Kumar
Cast: Puneet Raj Kumar, Bhavana, Rangayana Raghu
Music: Hari Krishna.

This Kannada film was released on October 14 and within fifty days of the release the film was declared
a block buster hit. The combination of Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar and director Soori along with the
superb music composition of Hari Krishna and fantastic lyrics of Yogaraj Bhat helped in increasing the
box office appeal of the Kannada film.

The technical values of the film were at its peak thanks to the cameraman Sathya Hegde. Three songs of
the film `Ekka Raja Rani`, `Shiva Antha Hoguththidhe` and the title song became the biggest audio hit
two months before the film's release. Puneet's fights and dance sequences are the biggest attractions. (Download free songs, Video, MP3 here)


Director: Upendra
Producer: Rockline Venkatesh
Cast: Upendra, Nayanthara
Music: Hari Krishna

The fact that kannada actor Upendra returned to direction after a gap of nearly ten years created a big
hype for this untitled film even before the release. The audio which was released two weeks before the
release also was an instant hit. Upendra's innovative direction, his dialogues and lyrics were much
appreciated by the fans.

The songs `Sikka Patte Ishta Patee` and `Kaayi Kaayi Uppina Kaayi` are big hits. The kannada film which
has been sold to all distribution areas for a good profit is also raking in huge revenues for the
distributors. (Download free songs, Video, MP3 here)

Krishnan Love Story

Director: Shashank
Producer: Uday Mehta
Cast: Ajay, Radhika Pandit
Music: Sreedhar Sambhram

Shashank`s Krishnan Love Story was a much expected kannada film. Fortunately for its producer Uday Mehta, Shashank did not disappoint anybody and the net result was that the film ran for one hundred days in a few centres of the state.

Ajay and Radhika Pandit delivered superb performances. The cinematography by Shekhar Chandra and music by Sreedhar Sambhram were much appreciated. The songs `Santheyalli Nintharoonu` and `Thumba
Aaramagidhdha` were ruling the charts for a long time. (Download free songs, Video, MP3 here)


Director: Yogaraj Bhat
Producer: Yogaraj Bhat, Subramanya
Cast: Diganth, Nidhi Subbaiah.
Music: Mano Murthy

If one kannada film can become a big hit just because of the fantastic dialogues and the lyrics, then you can give the example of Pancharangi directed by Yogaraj Bhat. The lyrics for the `Lifeu Ishtene` and
`Pancharangi Haadugalu` were extremely popular, perhaps even more than Mano Murthy's music composition.

The dialogues written by Yogaraj Bhat was also much liked by the class audience. Diganth and Nidhi
Subbaiah gave good performances. (Download free songs, Video, MP3 here)

Eradaneya Maduve

Director : Dinesh Babu
Producer: Rajeev, Suresha
Cast: Anant Nag, Sudharani, Prem, Jennifer.
Music: Jayapal.

This kannada comedy film directed by Dinesh Baboo which was made on a shoe string budget was a surprise hit which even gave a big competition to big films. Anant Nag and Suhasini Maniratnam delivered strong performances, while the comedy by Sharan was enjoyed by the audience.

The film ran for fifty days and had a good run in many of the multiplexes. (Download free songs, Video, MP3 here)

Veera Parampare

Director: S.Narayan
Producer: Ms. Bhagyavathi Narayan
Cast: Sudeep, Aindrita Ray, Ambareesh
Music: S.Narayan.

S.Narayan came back with a bang with Veera Parampare, an action oriented sentimental drama featuring
Rebel Star Ambareesh and Sudeep. Narayan's dilaogues made a good impact as much as Ambareesh and
Sudeep's fantastic performances. (Download free songs, Video, MP3 here)

Naanu Nanna Kanasu

Producer: Prakash Raj, B.Suresha
Director: Prakash Raj
Cast: Prakash Raj, Amoolya, Sithara
Music: Hamsalekha.

Naanu Nanna Kanasu is a remake of the Tamil film Abhiyum Naanum which was directed by Radhika Mohan. This was Prakash Raj`s debut as a director. The movie ran for 125 days. The strong collections for the film came in multiplexes, though it did not run too well in the interiors. Prakash Raj and Amoolya's

performance and Hamsalekha's music composition are the highlights of the film. (Download free songs, Video, MP3 here)


Director: M.D.Sridhar
Producer: Datta
Cast: Darshan, Praneetha
Music: Hari Krishna

Porki is the remake of the Telugu hit Pokkiri directed by Puri Jagannadh. The Kannada version had
Darshan in the lead role. Though the distributors made money, the producer claims that he had to sell
the film on deficit. Darshan's star appeal and Hari Krishna's music were the attractive elements of the
film. (Download free songs, Video, MP3 here)


Director: Jacob Varghese
Producer: M.D.Babu, Raj Kumar
Cast: Puneet Raj Kumar, Parvathy Menon
Music: Manikanth Khadri.

Prithvi starring Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar was sold for fancy rates to distributors which ensured huge
profits for the producer. Though a couple of them lost money, the film did get lot of appreciation from
class audience. The film's story revolved around an honest Deputy Commissioner who tries to control
illegal mining. Since the issue had political overtones the film was also the focus of many politicians
of the state. (Download free songs, Video, MP3 here)....