Ganesh performs dangerous stunts

Golden Star Ganesh did a crucial stunt scene underneath a moving train inside a150 meters tunnel area. Ganesh was tied with a rope in the front side below the engine with his legs on the break with the help of a strong pin which was choreographed by stunt director Ravi Verma.

In this another important scene Golden star jumps from one bogey to another when the train was moving at 40 kilometers. “This is another chilling moment as I was holding my breath”, says Ganesh.

The dangerous portions were shot in the moving train Gandhada Gudi Express that runs in a restricted area for the film as prescribed by the Southern Railway Department.

It was for the movie Circus.

For the 20 days shoot, producer Dayal Padmanabhan spent almost Rs 60 lakhs in which 18 lakhs he had to pay caution deposit with Railway Department. One of the staff of the Railway Department Chandru is also acting in a supporting role