Kannada Movie Review - Vamshi

Movie: Vamshi
Director: Prakash
Music: RP Patnaik
Cast: Puneeth Rajakumar, Lakshmi, Nikitha, Ravi Kale, Avinash, Rajendra

An action feast laced with mother-son sentiment, kannada film Vamshi is just an average film from director Prakash who gave Puneeth Rajakumar's Milana that ran for one year. The story and narration lacks credibility as the director brings out the emotional turmoils of the protagonist as he tries to encounter his problems due to his parentage. Vamshi (Puneeth Rajakumar) is hell bent on becoming a cop in the police department. For that he works hard and comes first in the placement list for the final selection.

The great disadvantage for this youth is his anger. He is living a very ordinary life with his mother Lakshmi. But everything goes awry on the final day as the interview panel asks him about the whereabouts of his father. Vamshi's father is a underworld gangster who controls Bangalore.

The age old theory that a rowdy son can only become a rowdy, irks Vamshi and his anger heightens and he goes to the extent of beating the cop in the selection panel. This is exactly the DCP Reddy wanted to happen. Vamshi is sent out with no posting and told that he is unfit to become a cop. It is height of dejection for mother and son.

When the news spread that Vamshi is the son of rowdy Kotnal Ramachandra , the response and respect he gets further puts him down. The opponent gang of his father is trying to put him down and it becomes inevitable for Vamshi to take on weapons. His mother is dead against to it but in a major attack Vamshi's fiancé Sharada (Nikita) is injured.

Vamshi takes revenge on the attackers in a severe style and he is put behind the bars. The local MLA bails out Vamshi and some more clashes separate the mother and son. Vamshi who is No 1 in the underworld on hearing the past of his mother in the hospital where Sharada is admitted; decide to surrender to the police. He comes to inform his mother but his mother’s calculation is different. She feeds him with poison in the food. Further complications and happy ending is expected from a 'masala' kannada film.

Puneeth is good in action scenes and dance numbers. Nikitha is bubbly throughout and she is not there just to run around trees. Lakshmi would definitely get a best supporting actress award for the film. Ravi Kale and Rajendra Karanth shine in their villain roles. Krishna Kumar's cinematography is top class. The mother and son sentiment plus the song of Dr.Rajakumar from 'Hoovu Hannu' Thaayi Thaayi…., are high points of this film. Free download kannada film songs here.

On the whole, kananda movie Vamshi does not stand up to the expectations it had raised.