Nam Yajamanru ready for release

Dr.Vishnuvardhan and national acclaimed director T.S.Nagabharana is ready with their new film after 28 years.

After Bangaradha Jhinke, Dr.Vishnu and Bharana teaming up has raised the expectations to high level among audiences . Two charming ladies Navya Nayar and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy with Vijaya Raghavendra also form the key star cast of Nam Yajamanru in which Dr.Vishnu plays the role of a 'Janumadha Jodi' marriage bureau proprietor.

Kari Subbu presents, Smt.Rajakumari Rajasekhar produced film is progressing with re-recording work at Hamsalekha studio in full swing.

Hamsalekha has written the lyrics and done some catchy tunes for the film.