Kannada Movie Review - Payana

Movie: Payana
Director: Kiran Govi
Producer: C Venkatesh Dodmane
Music: V Harikrishna
Cast: Ravishanker, Ramanitho Chaudhary, Sharat Babu

This kannada film reminds you of a mega-serial on small screen that goes on dragging without coming to a conclusion. The songs (free download here) and cinematography gives a bit of relief but director Ravishanker has nothing new to offer. While taking Kaveri (Ramanitho Chaudhary) around the historical places in Karnataka the cab driver Ravi (Ravishanker) falls in love with her. But the love is one sided as Kaveri is a foreign returned girl looking for doing a thesis on historical places is from an aristocratic family.

Kaveri likes the simplicity and helping nature of Ravi but she is her papa's daughter as far as major decisions in her life are considered. Back from tour, Kaveri is supported once again in life by Ravi after he joins as her personal driver!

Ravi proving that he is worth a person in the family, Kaveri is suddenly missing from the scene. He had gone to get treatment to his ailing mother but mistaken identity here in Kaveri's house belittles him. The rich and poor wall perturbs even Kaveri and she accepts the simple Ravi as her life partner after a long thought.

The comedy actor of small screen Ravishanker does not suit the role. He has different kinds of roles to perform but not this lover boy role. He does not have that look and physique to suit.

Ramanithu is very bubbly and she is a screen charmer. For the audience there is a good visual treat of some of the lovely tourist spots of Karnataka. Three lovely songs have come from V.Harikrishna. Modadha Olage Hanigala Balaga Onti Kalali Kadhu Ninthidhe Bhoomige Baralu…. sung by Sonu Nigam is the best of the lot. Free download kannada film songs here. Gnanamurthy has extended good support from his camera work.