CIRCUS - Kannada Movie Review

DIRECTOR: Dayal Padmanabhan

ACTORS: Golden star Ganesh, Archana Gupta, Avinash, Pawan, Yethiraj

The two most popular themes of commercial films in Kannada are love and the underworld. Kannada golden star Ganesh has never done anything beyond love and director Dayal Padmanabhan almost always has done films dealing with the seamy side of life. But together in Circus, they present a film quite unlike the usual. Ganesh has managed to break his ‘love mould’ and Dayal upgrades himself to an ‘A-grade’ director.

Dhanush (Ganesh) and his gang of friends are pranksters. Their mode of cleaning up the society is by writing anonymous letters to housewives about their cheating husbands and railway station masters about a fictious visits by the minister. But their luck gives way when unwittingly Dhanush’s name and address are mentioned in a threat they mail to a station master. They have little time to stop the letter from reaching its destination as they chase it while on a train journey. To their horror, they also find out that their prank is being imitated in real life by some terrorists. A love story is blended into this train journey. To Dayal’s credit the story never deviates and has a smooth flow.

To break the romance and underworld monopoly in Kannada films, it is not enough to make a decent film on any other subject. The film has to be more than good which Circus strives hard to be but just falls short. The excessive focus on Ganesh continues while other seasoned actors hardly get to mouth a sentence. The sketchy characters of the terrorists and the lack of momentum pulls down the film. Despite the drawbacks, Circus is worth a watch. Free download kannada film songs here.