Happy Days are here again - Kannada movie review


ACTORS: Aishwarya Nag, Deepu, Praveen,Niranjan, Rutva, Spoorthi, Keerthi, Sriraghav

Kannada Director MD Sridhar has managed to recreate the Telugu film Happy Days in Kannada. With this, his track record with remakes seems to be secure. The story of eight youngsters, trailing the four years they spend at engineering college, is entertaining and should be lapped up by collegians. Shridhar has remained so truthful to the original, in as much as casting newcomers who resemble the original cast line-up, that there is little chance of things going wrong. And Happy Days is not a very old film to swindle scenes from.

The storyline resembles kannada hit film Moggina Manasu which was about four girls and their college life. But this film is about four pairs and how they live through the experience of first love. There is nothing specially dramatic about the situations and it all feels like everyday happenings. This is the biggest plus point of the film. There are some not-so-believable parts like a genius student who invents ‘super power’ cricket bats and people’s images in the sky, but those are blended into situations to create good laughs.

The camera work by Krishna is a cut above the rest. The original tunes have been retained but none of them seems to be good enough to be a hit. The newcomers look and act their part to near perfection. Even if you are not a college student you can relive your student days watching Jolly Days. Free download kannada film songs here.