Haughty Kannada Newcomers

Not a single actor of Kannada movie Jollydays arrived before the press conference ended. One of them, Keerthi, was haughty enough to say she wanted to come a little late.

On the eve of his kanada film’s release this week, director MD Sridhar called the media to announce it. The Kannada remake of Telugu Happy Days has eight youngsters in the lead. This is the first film for six of them. MD Sridhar, lyricist Kaviraj, dialogue writer BA Madhu and producer Madi Reddy were the only ones on the dais. None of the eight lead actors; Aishwarya Nag, Pradeep, Praveen, Vishwas, Spoorthi, Ruthuva, Raghavendra and Rahul, arrived even as the press conference ended.

Most of the 18 minutes that the four on dais spoke was about the spat between Sridhar and Kaviraj in a previous press conference where the latter was not invited on stage.

Aishwarya Nag was the first of the latecomers, and she took a seat without realising the press conference was over.

The rest of the kannada actors trooped in even as most of the mediapersons had already left the venue.
Sridhar seemed to be happy that he would be the highlight of the event.

It was left to the actress of Nannusire and Citizen, Keerti, to show off her nonexistent stardom. “I was asked to come at 4.30 pm. I thought it would be okay if I was a bit late.” The press conference slated for 4 pm started at 4.11 pm and ended at 4.29 pm.