Kannada comedian Umesh's Sex Change

Kannada movie Venkata In Sankata has the veteran actor playing a woman.

After 50 years as a kanada film actor, Umesh is donning the clothes of a woman. He will appear as grandmother to kannada actor Ramesh Aravind in Venkata In Sankata. The idea was the brainchild of Ramesh who apart from being the lead actor is also the director of the film. “In these five decades, I was never offered such a role. But I did not find it too difficult. I am 64 and I was playing my age, albeit that of a woman. The difficult part was the dubbing. I had to practise a bit to speak like an old woman. I am happy with what I have done,” said Umesh.

Umesh took to professional theatre when he was just four years old. A decade later he started acting in films as a child artiste. Over the decades he has acted in hundreds of films. He has worked with three generations of filmmakers but considers the role in Venkata In Sankata as a one-off.