Kannada actor PUNEET is now pirated!

The Kannada actor does a Johnny Depp act in the upcoming Raj... The Showman

THIS time, ee role nijvaglu ‘different’ aagide. Because namma kannada hero Puneet Rajkumar will be reprising Johnny Depp’s look in Pirates of the Caribbean in his forthcoming Raj... The Showman, directed by Prem. Namma Appu sports this look in a song, Kuch Kuch Dil Antide, shot across north India — the dunes of Jaisalmer, the Qutb Minar and the Taj Mahal.

“I conceived this image during the scripting stage and had no doubt that Puneet would be able to carry it off. We also tried out the look digitally before we went ahead with it. I’m sure Appu fans will go into a tizzy after watching him in this film,” promises kannada director Prem.

A team of make-up and hair experts from Mumbai and Chennai helped give the look a professional touch. “We spent Rs 4.5 lakh on the costumes for Puneet and the heroine Nisha Kothari for this sequence,” says Prem.

Choreographed by Nagesh, the lyrics for the track have also been written by kannada director Prem. “While Puneet will be seen in this get-up throughout the song, Nisha will sport five different looks — she’ll be featured as a princess of five places, including Egypt and Arabia. Appu plays her saviour in this sequence,” he tells us. The song will have lots of computer graphics, reveals Prem. “We only see this kind of digital imagery in Shankar’s films. So, I thought we could introduce it in our films too. After all, the Kannada market is also growing and our audience loves to see innovation on screen,” he says. Meanwhile, we hear that while the song was being shot, Puneet attracted so much attention that even firangs wanted to take pictures with him. “And when we shot at the Taj Mahal, the photographers took kannada power star Puneet’s pictures and started selling them for Rs 100 to tourists!” laughs Prem.


Anonymous said...

he looks like a buffoon. channage illa, ounu. ee film yaaru noddalla, yesht asayavag iddane. rajkumar is much better, puneet is too ugly to play the role of handsome johnny depp.

Anonymous said...

hey u fool go and watch the kannada movies first ..then speak about puneeth ,

who is johnny depp ....?

puneeth s is an outstanding actor ...try to watch the kannada movies first...

Anonymous said...

ive seen all his movies, idiot. that is why i have the right to decide whether he is good or not. and johnny depp is an international star, unlike puneeth who isn't even national-level.