Kannada Movie Review: Dubai Babu: Torture Babu

For all the hype about Kannada actor Upendra’s 17 different getups and the fact it’s a remake of a successful film, Dubai Babu, is nothing more than a fancy dress parade by the lead actor and a torture to be borne by the audience. Upendra is loud, the alleged comedy boring and the film a colourful waste.

The kannada film is about Babu, a youth who is cheated of his money on the promise of being sent to Dubai for a job. He ends up in Mumbai along with five others fellow cheated souls running a roadside eatery. He falls in love with a girl and follows her back to Bangalore. But it is not just the girl he is after but also a gangster to exhaust his vengeance upon.

For a film with such a flimsy storyline it is necessary that every aspect is in perfect harmony. But sadly it does not. From the word go, Upendra goes into audio overdrive and drowns whatever he mouths with the noise. Veteran comedians Dwarakish, Tennis Krishna and Sadhu Kokila fail to evoke laughter. With the basic element of comedy falling flat there is nothing else others can do to salvage the film. Aryan Vaid is good except you do not understand the Kannada he speaks. From being unbelievable at first, the film turns out to be a farce by the end. There are a couple of good songs. Free download kannada film songs here. But these alone are not reason enough to visit a cinema hall. And be warned not to venture into Kapali cinema hall, the ‘main theatre’ for this film. The roof leaks.