Kannada hot actress Daisy - Sreesanth in love??

Cricket and kannada cinema are two sides of the same coin. Several actresses have been (or have been rumoured to have been) involved with cricketing stars. Some of them have been married and are leading happy lives today.

Some of the popular couples are Pataudi-Sharmila Tagore, Viv Richards-Neena Gupta, Ravi Shastri-Amrita Singh, Azharuddin-Sangita Bijlani... and in recent times, there have alleged links between Deepika Padukone and Yuvaraj Singh (or was it Dhoni or it siddartha malaya?), Lakshmi Rai and Dhoni.

Recently, namma kannada actress Daisy Bopanna claimed that she and Indian cricketer Sreesanth are more than just friends. The two met during the shooting of an ad in which Sreesanth proposed to her. According to Daisy, they have kept in touch regularly through sms and he has been asking for her reply to the proposal.

When Sreesanth, who is in South Africa for IPL Season 2, was bombarded by calls and messages from family and friends, he was shocked by the news. He has denied any such relationship with the actress. He even said that he met her only for two hours during the shooting and hasn't been in touch with her. He doesn't even have her number! So what does Daisy have to say about this?