Kannada Music Director V Manohar Takes To Satire

The kannada music composer makes ample display of it in the two songs he has written for kannada film  Kallara Sante.

V.Manohar is composing music for Sumana Kittur’s new kannada movie Kallara Sante, a satire on corruption in public life. The old-styled title of the film means ‘market of thieves’ — surprising Master Hirannaiah has still not used it for one of his plays. More than composing music for the film, Manohar is excited about the two songs he has written for the film. Both are satirical and what better way to express anguish is what he seems to think.

One song goes, ಕಾಪಾಡಿ ಕಾಪಾಡಿ ... and the other is the title song, ನೋಡಿ ಬನ್ನಿ ನಮ್ಮ ಕಳ್ಳರ ಸಂತೆ.

“Maybe I have more experience dealing with corrupt people in my life and writing the two songs came easy to me,” quips Manohar. The film has Yash, Haripriya, Kishore and others in lead roles while ‘Agni’ Shridar has written the story and dialogues.