Shiva Rajkumar apologises for kannada movie Hodimaga scenes

Sandalwood’s hat-trick star apologises to his fans over two ‘objectionable’ sequences in his latest film that had sparked an outcry.

Top Sandalwood kannada star Shiva Rajkumar has apologised to his fans over two scenes in his latest film Hattrick Hodimaga.

After the regional censor officer almost derailed the film following its ‘provocative’ title, the film’s release saw audience being provoked by two scenes which were in poor taste. In one scene, a rowdy masquerading as a cop urinates on the lead character ‘Surya’, played by Shiva Rajkumar. In another scene, the actor is shown swallowing funeral ashes of his sister, which is usually released into the river as part of the last rites.

“I will not commit such mistakes again in my films. I am sorry for hurting the sensibilities of the audience. I promise you will see a different me in my future films,” Shiva Rajkumar said on Thursday. This is the first time that a lead actor has offered an apology over such reasons.
He said the ‘urination’ scene was inspired from Kamal Hasan’s Tamil film Mahanadi. “There was some discussion before the shooting this scene. But in the end, I went ahead with it. If I speak more about, it is bound to lead to a misunderstanding with the filmmakers. But I am sincere in accepting it was not in good taste,” he said.

In the scene where he swallows the funeral ash of his sister, he said, “We wanted to show the close relationship between a brother and sister. When I look back, I feel it was in poor taste. Had I discussed the scene with my wife, maybe I would have got a clear sense of what people might think about it. It is done and over now but my promise remains,” he said.
Even before these scenes sparked an outcry, the film was embroiled in a controversy after the regional censor board objected to its title Hodimaga, saying it was provocative. Later, the film was renamed Hattrick Hodimaga.