Are you got bore of the same movie reviews, celebrity news, gossips? for a change we analyse the advantages, disadvantages and prejudices the lefties face in a right-handed world.

When a mere four to seven per cent of the world’s population is left handed it’s only common to hear comments like, “Dude you are wearing the watch on the wrong hand,” or “How do you write like are you keeping the book upside down?” Being a lefty might get you some attention but it’s not easy being one in a right-handed world!


It’s considered a curse to be left handed in India. We do the good things with the right hand and the not so good with the left. The most common question right handed people ask when they see a person writing with the left hand is this: “With which hand do you eat?” The answer would most probably be a blank stare.

Not long ago, if a child was born left-handed most parents thought there was something wrong with the child. Some went as far as punishing the lefty kids whenever they held the pencil in the wrong (left) hand. There is also some religious background to the prejudice against lefties. In most religions the right hand is associated with the good while the left with bad.


There have been many theories as to why people become lefties. One theory says that a person becomes a lefty when he uses the right portion of his brain. According to medical science the hand we use is opposite to the portion of the brain we use. So a right-handed person uses the left-side of the brain and only the left-handed person used the right-side of the brain. Another theory suggests that being left-handed or right-handed depends on the strengths of a human being’s body. Most right handed people have stronger right hands than the left and hence the tendency to use the right hand more.


Though the taboo attached to being left-handed is long gone, lefties still have their share of problems. A lot of products are by default designed for right-handed people. Be it the mouse, keyboard, pens, machine tools, scissors, cars, or musical instruments, all are specifically designed for the right-handed.


Well left-handed people are thought to be more intelligent, creative thinkers, good writers. Left-handed people also make good lovers as they are used to making compromises in a right-handed world. This makes them easy going and understanding. Left-handed players are also preferred over their right-handed counter parts in sport. In a cricket crazy nation like ours, a left-handed bowler or batsman is always preferred. Sports aside, being left-handed means getting noticed and that’s a great advantage.

Below is the list of famous lefties.

Actors: Amitabh Bachchan, Charlie Chaplin, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Vishnuvardhan (Sandlewood)
Statesmen: Mahatma Gandhiji, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton
Businessmen: Bill Gates, Henry Ford, David Rockefeller
Scientists: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin
Criminals: Jack the Ripper, Billy the Kid
Artists: Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo
Sports: Diego Maradona, Saurav Ganguli, Gary Sobers, Mark Spitz
Musicians: Ludwig van Beethoven, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix

(If you think we missed any name, suggest!!)