Parvathi Menon liplock scene with Kannada actor Srinagar Kitty

This kannada film’s release date isn’t confirmed yet, but Sandlewood is already buzz with the news that Parvathi Menon has a kissing scene with Srinagar Kitty in Male Barali Manju Erali.

And when we called the actress on Friday evening, she confirmed the news.

“Lip-locks in films aren’t new to Indians. There have been sensual scenes in classics that have become masterpieces now,” she says in defence of the kiss in her film. And Parvathi cannot understand why such a fuss is being made over something as harmless as a kiss.

“Films depict all sorts of things — pain, fear, anger, rape and murder. But no one ever questions any of that. But there’s always a hullabaloo made when it comes to a liplock,” she says. The actress emphasises that the kiss is integral to the story. “Films are a reflection of life, and in Male..., it’s the characters, Sneha and Vishwas, who share an emotional and intellectual bond. So the kiss was necessary to take the story forward,” she maintains, adding that the scene was not intended to be a gimmick.

“We don’t want people to watch the film just for that one scene. And we don’t want them to run it down just for that one scene either. Male... should be watched and judged as a whole,” she maintains. “Hats off to Vijaylakshmi ma’am (the kannada director) for ensuring that the characters are not compromised. There’s a solid reason for every scene,” she adds.

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