MALE BARALI MANJU IRALI - Kannada Music Review

This is from the kannada music director of hits like mungaru male,milana but unlike his previous films this one will be known for his bad songs. :(

'Yeno agide' and 'Ondu ninna' are painfully 90s Anu Malik material. Even Aadesh Srivastava! What are they doing in Mano Murthy’s repertoire? 'Gelathi neenu' may be using the ever-dependable Sonu-Shreya combination but the tune has lost its dependability long back, since it has been over-used by Mano anyway.

The title kannada song is an embarrassing string of silly English words amidst minimal Kannada while 'Ondsala ondu' is no better despite Kunal’s exuberant vocals.

'Vidayada veleyalli' is pathetic pathos while 'Jaga jagiso' is atrociously tuneless. The short bhajan Vijayambike serves to showcase Manasi’s singing skills. Mano Murthy’s music is woefully inadequate here!