YASH - New heartthrob of Sandalwood

Remember what Inti Ninna Preetiya did to kannada actor Srinagara Kitti? Even while the film was in the making he was signed up by top producers and he has been a busy actor ever since. The very fact that he was doing the film with Suri was enough to convince Sandalwood that he would turn out to be a winning horse. This despite the fact that Kitty was running from pillar to post trying to get roles before Suri picked him for Inti Ninna Preetiya.

Something similar is happening to Yash, whose kannada film Kallara Sante is ready for release. Though he won the Filmfare award for best supporting kannada actor for his debut Moggina Manasu, which was also a box office hit, it did nothing to further his career. When his next film Rocky failed he was almost relegated to the sidelines. Surprisingly the ready for release Kallara... seems to be opening the doors of producers for him. His next film Gokula is progressing at a rapid pace and an unnamed project will go on floors on October 20. That is not all, if Sandalwood grapevine is to be believed Yash has been approached by many top producers. All in the anticipation that the positive talks about Kallara Sante the second film by director Sumana Kittur, turn out to be true.

Yash, however, knows who the credit should go to. “It is not because of me but because of Agni Sridhar (the writer) and Sumana Kittur that the film has generated such interest. In the bargain, I have been benefitted and I am thankful to them,” Yash said. The journalism graduate is now firmly part of the young brigade of Sandalwood. This film is also a comeback of sorts for Haripriya, who is more busy in Kollywood these days.