MANASAARE - Kannada Movie Review

DIRECTOR: Yogaraj Bhat
ACTORS: Diganth Manchale, Aindrita Ray, Raju Thalikote, Neetu, Pavan Kumar

Kannada movie Manasaare released this week and it was one of the most awaited film this year. This Kannada film promises for gud fun with its catchy dailogues. We rate this film with four stars.

Let’s start with the assumption that audience will not come to this movie only because Yograj Bhat also directed Mungaaru Male. Quite impossible, because that is exactly why people will buy tickets for this kannada film manasare, and not because of the unknown sugar content of doodh peda Diganth or Aindrita Ray. Bhat seems to be burdened not by expectations but by a ‘tiredof-same-old’ syndrome.

Diganth’s character says he is tired of the same old love story, marriage, road and beer. In trying not to repeat things, Bhat manages to do exactly that. The film bets excessively on its dialogues, beautiful frames, Jayanth Kaikini and Mano Murthy. These things work, but the story which is an attempt at unifying workable filmy characters starts with a bang, whimpers through the middle and fizzles out in the end.

Manohar (Diganth) is a happy-go-lucky chap content with whiling away his time despite being a burden on his family. Among his many misadventures, he is mistakenly taken into a mental institution. His attempts to convince the doctors that he is the wrong person fail. His escape missions do not come through either. In one such attempt he comes across Devaki (Aindriata Ray), another mental patient undergoing treatment at the institution. Then it is love in the times of insanity. The rest of the film is spent wondering whether these two characters will escape the prison-like hospital or get out after being certified normal.

I actually did not expect much from Manassaare and I guess that’s the reason that the film has left me dumbfounded. The movie has very few negative aspects and a lot of positive aspects. So let me summarize the negative first so that it can be forgotten and elaborate on the positives so that they remain with us.


The second half is slightly dragged and cannot keep up to the pace of the first half.
I am not sure if andrita was the right choice to play such a intense character. She looks good thou but her character becomes slightly irrelevant after a while.
The villain doctor theme could have been avoided I think. . it ate too much of screen time from such a feel good movie otherwise.

Thumbs up . .

Digant Digant and more Digant – I couldn even imagine that Digant could have turned into such a sensitive performer. Very matured acting. Its definitely different from all his chocolate hero potrayals.

What I liked best in his performance was that he was inhibited. He has shed all his consciousness and has let himself free in front of the camera. He looks undoubtedly stunning . .his dialogue delivery is crisp and appropriate. His body language is wonderful. And he steals the show in so many places.

I donot want to reveal the plot – but the sequence where he is trying to fool the doctor to take him back, he says “yeah . . please . . . .”
Every time he says vaapaas hogana baa please . . followed by his nakhras

The comedians in the film are ooutstanding . . .Satish Ninaasam is brilliant . . along with the background score that accompanies him . .he he he . . . . . . the Dharwad Kannada Jagadguru is simply supppppppppppppppppppppppppperrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbb . . . .!!! and so is Mitra . . . with his “Batte” obsession.

satya hedge scores with his brilliant cinematography. The camera work is outstanding. I was fullu impressed with the ligting techniques used and the tone of the entire film. The warmth does not go away any where and that’s beautiful.

Hands down to this brilliant movie that’s cute . . some times disturbing and some other times thought provoking and mostly entertaining. The true winners of the movie are Yograj Bhat for his direction and his whimsically humorous writing. Satya Hegde for his brilliant visuals . . . the comedians for putting life into the film . . and for Diganth – the soul of the movie. Who has gone beyond his amaaazing looks and his dimples and doodh peda image, to turn into a very matured performer. Guys catch this movie. Don’t miss it!!!

Overall manasaare is a wachable movie for its songs, dialogues and ofcourse handsome Diganth and beautiful Aindrita Ray. Book your tickests for this movie now!!!