Kannada music director Hamsalekha again in a remake movie

After being open critics of remakes, Hamsalekha and B Suresha get together with Prakash Rai to make one of their own.

Naanu Nanna Kanasu will be the first film to be directed by national award winner actor Prakash Rai. It is a remake whose origin lies in the Tamil film Abhiyum Naanum produced by Prakash himself.

Surprisingly joining hands with him in this venture are kannada music composer Hamsalekha and kannada actor-director B Suresha, both long time friends, but more importantly, vocal critics of remade films.

Hamsalekha, who famously broke away from his ‘yejamanru’ Ravichandran over the issue of remakes, has continued to compose music for such films while still criticising them.

As for Naanu Nanna Kanasu, he says that his compositions for the film will be original. “The original had only three songs. It is left to Hamsalekha to compose six or eight or ten songs as he deems fit for the Kannada version of the film,” says Prakash defending the kannada music composer.

B Suresha, a long time friend of Prakash’s and who would jump at every opportunity to condemn makers of remakes is part of the production team of Naanu Nanna Kanasu.

“Our intention is to get a good story to Kannada. The entire design of the film has been changed. It is our passion for good cinema that is making us do this film and nothing else. Even in Tamil, the film did not make a big profit. The story was written by Prakash himself. This cannot be compared to other remakes,” Suresha says.

Prakash says that the film should not be seen as an art or commercial film and even not as an original or remake, but as a good film. Those associated with the film are beginning to say that, “(We) will give our support to someone who wants to remake Pather Panchali.’” Moral of the story being that everyone has to fall in line when money matters more than principles.