Kannada Actress Amoolya

Kannada hottie Amoolya’s character in Naanu Nanna Kanasu will have two voices to show change in age.

Sharp ears will be able to discern a subtle difference in kannada teenage actress Amoolya’s voice in the forthcoming Naanu Nanna Kanasu. Apart from the actress, singer Lakshmi is also dubbing for her character.

“This is intentional. The character is shown at two different ages. One when she is 16 years old and has just joined college and later at the age of 24 doing her MBA. Amoolya has dubbed for the character when she is in the teenage years. She herself is 16 and in PUC now. For the portions where she is shown as a little older, singer Lakshmi has dubbed. Incidentally Lakshmi is doing her MBA,” says B Suresha the executive producer of the film.

It was director Prakash Rai’s idea. This is Rai’s first film as director and he also plays Amoolya’s father in it. Suresh reveals that the idea to dub Amoolya’s character with two voices was that of Rai’s. “It is the director’s idea and only an versatile actor like him can come up with such terrific ideas. But in the film, an average viewer would not be able to make out the difference. Only those who already know, will try to catch the difference,” says Suresh.

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