Kannada comedy actor Komal as woman in vaare vah

The kannada comedy actor has done Aamir’s ardhanareeshwara act, which the B-town star did for a satellite TV ad in his forthcoming kannada film Vaare Vah.

Here comes a confession from director Vijaylakshmi Singh. Apparently, the hero of her upcoming film Vaare Vah, Komal, “is a man with a woman’s heart”. “And gradually, he becomes so sensitive to the needs and feelings of women that he’s able to understand them even more than they know themselves,” adds Vijaylakshmi. The director is talking about Komal’s character in Vaare Vah, a movie that we hear is based on the Mel Gibson-starrer What Women Want. That’s why Komal’s posed as a woman in the posters of the film, which Vijaylakshmi says has become a talking point among fans.

Point out to her that not long ago, Aamir Khan was seen essaying a similar part — a half-man, halfwoman — for the promos of a satellite TV, and Vijaylakshmi agrees that the commercial was actually the i n s p i r at i o n b e h i n d Komal’s look. “I really liked the ad and it gelled with our storyline,” she tells us. “Komal’s role in the film is something that hasn’t been experimented with before and he’s done full justice to it. According to the script, he’s supposed to connect with women and tap their inner being. Even though it’s just an act, Komal has impressed us all with his portrayal,” explains Vijaylakshmi.

So as an extension to the act, they asked him if he’d dress up like an ardhanareeshwara, for which Komal was game. “He would sit for his makeover for three hours and uncomplainingly get his hair and make-up done,” she says. Komal adds that even though the act is just a symbolic representation of what he essays in the film, he enjoyed every bit of playing a woman and the attention that came with it.