Kannada film Mylari music controversy

The posters of kannada film Mylari, the 99th film of Shiva Rajkumar, seem to have a bug. The posters mention either Ashwini Audio or Anand Audio as the company through which the kannada film's music is available. The film’s audio was launched recently and Mohan Chabria of Anand Audio had said that the film had sold a record number of audio units before its theatrical release.

The presence of Ashwini Audio’s name on the posters is due to a business arrangement that was not kept. Ashwini Audio’s Ram Prasad owned the title Mylari, the rights to which he had steadfastly refused to give. That failed to deter the film's director R Chandru and producer Srinivas from using the title during any promotional activity. Ram Prasad had even complained to the Film Chamber about it. Finally, the good offices of Shiva Rajkumar and Ram Prasad’s brother Krishna Prasad solved the dispute.

As a peace offering, Ram Prasad was promised the audio rights of the film. But the understanding did not come to fruition as the audio rights were sold to Anand Audio. “It is not easy recovering money on big films. So we let it go,” says Krishna Prasad, prefering not to comment on the news that the audio rights were given to a rival company without his knowledge. The posters carrying the Ashwini Audio logo are the relics of this earlier understanding.

“It was their (Ashwini) film and I didn’t think it would come to me in my wldest dreams. Ashwini gave me a no-objection certificate but they did not reveal the reason and I did not ask. As for the name and logo on the posters, buyers really do not bother or worry about it. They do not ask why a particular film's music has not been released by a particular audio company. If that was the case there would be no piracy,” said Mohan Chabria.