Sri Murali's new films Harikathe and Sihi Gaali

Kannada actor Sri Murali’s films Sri Harikathe and Sihi Gaali are fighting it out for simultaneous release. He used to be known as just Murali when he shot one of the two films.

Not many would expect a problem of plenty for kannada movie hero Sri Murali. But that is exactly what he is facing. Sri Harikathe, the film in which he stars opposite the Gandhi sisters, Pooja and Radhika, was to release on March 12. The film is facing unexpected competition from Sihi Gaali, in which Sri Murali stars opposite Shirin. This film with Lekhan as the director started in early 2008 and has struggled to the stage of being ready for release over two years.

The new director and new producer of new kannada film Sihi Gaali want precedence over Sri Harikathe for release and the matter reached the problem solving bureau of Sandalwood also known as Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Monday. Sihi Gaali was started when Sri Murali was still known as Murali. His father Chinne Gowda is one of the producers of Sri Harikathe.

The meeting in the Film Chamber developed into an argument between old and new producers. Finally, the Chamber washed its hands off saying the two filmmakers settle the issue between themselves. “We are newcomers. We need to be encouraged,” was the argument of the Sihi Gaali producer which did not cut ice with the senior producers N Kumar and Chinne Gowda who said, “Our problems are bigger.” In all likelihood both the films will release on the same day now.