SRI HARIKATHE - Movie Review

DIRECTOR: Dayal Padmanabhan
ACTORS: Srimurali, Pooja Gandhi, Radhika Gandhi, Naveen Krishna

This week Srimurali's two kannada films released. What impact these two films will have on his carrier?

Sri Jarikathe is an unpretentious film whose only aim is to entertain by whatever means possible. Dayal tries every trick in the director’s book to make the proceedings interesting and succeeds in most scenes. That is not to say the film is just a spectrum of related scenes. But the story reminds you of what Dinesh Baboo did with Ananth Nag as a henpecked husband a long time ago (Hendtigelbedi).

A womaniser and his virgin-tillmarriage friend dispute on the issue all the time. The virgin friend’s test comes when his newly married wife asks him to abstain from sex till she completes her studies. While his wife flies out, he gets a girl home to satisfy his urges. As luck would have it, his wife returns home as her flight is cancelled. By morning he has to contend with a dead woman in his bedroom.

Though a scary background sound when the husband reaches out for his wife may not be the highest form of entertainment, puns, saucy dialogues and audacious twists keeps the narrative of Sri Harikathe engrossing. The first half of the film is a tad on the slower side. But when the real thing gets going it is a fun ride. A timepass film to the core.

Naveen Krishna as the womaniser delivers a brilliant performance. His presence takes his scenes to a higher level. The rest of the characters, though not impressive, pass the test. The visuals do not strain the eyes and the music does not hamper the ears. So a movie you can safely plan to spend some time on. Free download kannada film songs here.