SIHIGAALI - Kannada Movie Review

DIRECTOR: Leykkhan

ACTORS: Srimurali, Shireen, Tulasi, Sharan

There is a song in this Srimurali' kannada film, towards a woeful end, which Yesudas renders sorrowfully, questioning who wrote such a regretful story. It suits the state of this film aptly. There are so many holes in the film’s story and narrative that it resembles a fishing net. The director sure can’t write and in a numerologyinfluenced frenzy even messes up his name in the credits.

You sure know of a friend of a friend of a friend who left behind his mother in the village to earn money in the city. This is his story. To save enough money to build her a mansion, he does not buy a bike, sketches in the dark and does not cut his hair for years. And you also know that bad elements in the city would not let him live peacefully. To add some character to the film, Srimurali goes to visit his mom in the village. Mother Tulasi comes to visit him in the city. Srimurali and Shireen also meet to sing songs. Sharan sleeps under the cot and makes his assistant eat grease. Tired of narrating this nonsense the director kills Tulasi, Shireen and Srimurali in that order. His choice.

Leykkhan messes with the film and the producer’s money big time. If you don’t want to do the same with your time, keep a safe distance from Sihigaali. It is a gasbag and smells bad. Free download kannada film songs here.