Kannada actor sudip slaped assistant on set

Gentle’ Kannada actor-director Sudeep stuns moviedom by assaulting assistant who delayed script work, according to Bangalore Mirror.

Sudip was directing Kanwarlal, a Kannada film starring himself.

Strangely, it was not victim, but Sudeep’ s friend who made a big noise about the slap. Hence creating big doubt about the incident.

After kannada director Nagatihalli Chandrashekar, it’s actor director Sudeep’s turn to be caught in a temper tantrum. According to whispers from the sets of Kanwarlal, Sudeep “slapped” assistant director Sagar early this week for not getting the script sheet on time.

Curiously, it was not Sagar who took offence but Suresh Raj, the associate director and Sudeep’s longtime aide. Not only did Suresh blast Sudeep in front of the cast and crew but also left the shooting midway. Ironically, Sagar continues to work on the film, for which a huge set has been put up at Minerva Mills.

There were no eye-witnesses to the “slapping” incident that is said to have occurred inside a room. Suresh Raj told Bangalore Mirror that he got to know of it later and had told Sudeep that it was wrong.

But sources say that more than the alleged slapping, it was Suresh taking on Sudeep that heightened the tension on the sets. Every one was shocked and work stopped till Sudeep asked Suresh to leave.

“It is not something I want to blow up. Everyone has to work with a smile on the sets. I am happy that work is progressing smoothly now. What I protested against was the slap. Mistakes happen and people can always be told to correct it. No one has the right to beat or slap anyone,” Suresh said.

Sudeep calls Suresh “anna” (big brother). So, it was a surprise to those on the set when Suresh blasted Sudeep. No one had noticed or even spoken about the slapping incident till then.

A month ago there were rumours that Suresh had allegedly taken a commission of Rs 5 lakh from Sudheer Bhandari, promising him dates for Sudeep for a new film. Did Suresh blow up the incident to divert attention from the alleged fraud? Or was there some other motive?

Suresh, for his part, said he would “forgive and forget” and get back to work. Sudeep, however, hurt by the incident did not wish to speak.

A few months back, Nagatihalli Chandrashekar allegedly slapped actress Aindrita Ray after she reported late during a shoot in Macau.