Dwarakish new kannada film Vishnuvardhana in trouble

Kannada actor Sudeep will soon be seen in Vishnuvardhana, a kannada film launched by veteran actor and film producer Dwarakish is in controversy now.

The kannada film 'Vishnuvardhana' is sure to excite millions of fans of legendary Kannada actor Dr Vishnuvardhan who died just six months ago.

Priyamani and Bhavana have been selected as the two heroines of the film. Sonu Sood will be playing an important role in the film which will be directed by debutant V Kumar, who has worked with well-known Tamil film director K S Ravikumar in films like Dashavathaaram and Villain.

"We finalised the title of this big budget film after lot of brainstorming sessions with the team of technicians and also some well wishers. I don't know how the news about the title has spread. We finalised the title on Monday evening, but my mobile has been flooded with calls from more than two hundred Vishnu fans," said Dwarakish.

He said the title perfectly suits the action-oriented entertainer because Vishnuvardhan was called as Sahasa Simha (Lion of Action) by his fans.

Vishnuvardhan's original name was Sampath Kumar, which was changed to Vishnuvardhana by legendary kannada film director Puttanna Kanagal when he launched the actor in the 1972 blockbuster Nagarahaavu.

Vishnu had acted in a small role in the award winning film Vamsha Vruksha directed by Girish Kasaravalli and B V Karanth jointly and the titles of the film displayed his name as Sampath Kumar.

But now kannada Producer-actor Dwarakeesh's plans to make this film on the legendary actor Vishnuvardhana with the same title has run into rough weather into the late actor's wife kannada veteran actress Bharathi Vishnuvardhan taking objection to it.

Besides, the Karnataka Film Chambers of Commerce (KFCC) has not approved the film title.

KFCC President Basanth Kumar Patil said: "How can Dwarakeesh announce a movie without getting the title approved by the KFCC Title Committee. I have sent a notice to Dwarakeesh not to launch the movie without seeking our approval."

As per KFCC rules, a movie project can be announced only after the Title Committee clears the title. "There is another rule that clearly states that film titles in the name of actors and actresses cannot be granted," Patil added.

Bharathi Vishnuvardhana contended that Dwarakeesh planned to encash on Vishnuvardhana's name for commercial motives. She has asked Dwarakeesh to alter the name to Raja Vishnuvardhana.

When contacted, Dwarakeesh said: "Unnecessary controversy is being created. The film title is Vishnuvardhana whereas the actor's name is Sampth Kumar Vishnuvardhana. Come what may, I will make a film on the title Vishnuvardhana. Dare anybody stop me?"

Dwarakeesh and Vishnuvardhana were close friends who did many films together some of them which were blockbusters. Their friendship, however, was not stable. The two fell apart after they joined hands for Aaptha Mithra.

Bharathi Vishnuvardhana, multilingual actor and wife of legendary actor Dr. Vishnuvardhan is apparently hurt over the use of her husband's name as the title of the film.

She expressed her unhappiness over this development and said that she will go against anybody using her husband's name for cheap gains. "When I saw the press reports that Dwarakish is using my husband's name as the title of the film, I was really hurt. Everybody knows Dwarakish's attitude and his remarks against my husband at every available opportunity. He did not succeed in his endeavour. That is mainly because my husband was a legend and has helped thousands of people in his time. But the same person who denounced my husband all the time now wants to use his name for the title of his film for some cheap publicity and monetary gains' says an agitated Dr. Bharathi Vishnuvardhan. She is now involved in completing all the unfinished developmental works initiated by her husband.

The Karnataka state government is seeking her advise for the Rs. 10 crore Dr.Vishnuvardhan Memorial Project. Ms. Keerthi Vishnuvardhan daughter of vishnuvardhan also said that she is against the use of her father's name for any commercial purposes.

Bharathi Vishnuvardhan is also unhappy about the news reports that suggested that Dwarakish has included many real life incidents relating to the personal life of Dr. Vishnuvardhan. "How can some one say that he had known Dr. Vishnu's personal life. My husband was a private person and did not mix up his profession with his personal life. That is precisely the reason why millions of fans liked him' said Dr. Bharathi. She hoped that Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce will not clear the title for the film, as there is a policy in the chamber not to allow the use of the name of celebrities in the title of the film.

The use of Dr. Vishnuvardhan's name for the title has also been opposed by a large section of Dr. Vishnu's fans, though Dwarakish claims the opposite.