Ramya-Yogish starrer kannada film 'Loose Maada' has same story as 'Sukumaara'?

Kannada Actor Yogish always dreamt of sharing screen space with his favourite kannada star Ramya. And his dream came true when kannada director Prakash Mahu offered the film, Loose Maada opposite the actress. Yogish is a fan of Ramya’s in real life and that he would be playing a similar character in the film generated a lot of hype.

However, Prakash Mahu, who claims to have also written the story seems to have a competitor in the form of actor Karthik (brother of actress Sindhu Menon). Karthik’s debut kannada film Sukumaara was announced two years back. Half way through the shooting, the producer of Sukumaara backed out and gave the rights to Karthik.

According to Karthik, Prakash was part of the project and has been pestering him for the rights of the story. “I have the rights and I am trying my level best to complete it. Prakash has been calling me to give away the rights to the story. I do not want to because this is my film and I have suffered so much for it. Ironically, he offered me the villain’s role in the film. How can he announce a film with my story?” says Karthik.

When Karthik questioned his intentions, Prakash sent him a message which read: “Karthik wait till 14th of this month, we will come to u and take rights, without ur rights I wont do the film, ok? and ur going to do that roll (sic) also.”

When Karthik hesitated, Prakash sent another message asking him to watch movies Fanatic (English), Kurubana Rani (Kannada) and Maayavi (Tamil) which he says have similar storylines. “Then why does he need the rights to my film? It is because the script is a sure success. The worst was when he sent a SMS saying he is asking the rights for ‘humanitarian consideration’,” says Karthik.

Prakash Raj Mahu, however, says he sought only a few points from Sukumaara. “Writer K Nanjunda had worked for Sukumaara. When I approached him for my film, he said the story is similar and I can ask Karthik if he will give the rights. I offered Karthik Rs 5 lakh to take some interesting situations from his film. He demanded Rs 8 lakh and later said he wants to complete Sukumaara on his own. I am ready to pay. Otherwise, I have enough matter for my film,” Prakash said.