Kannada actor Darshan is upset with producer

Kannada actor Darshan is unhappy with producer Ramesh Yadav. Not just unhappy but angry as well that he was not informed of the audio release of his kannada film Boss. It was only when he heard the songs on FM radio did he realise so. Though Darshan has not told Yadav about this, he is pouring his woes to his friends.

However, Darshan need not worry about the kannada film being released without his knowledge. He has in his possession some reels of the film. The actor says it is not he who has taken away some cans of reels. Ramesh Yadav has not paid for the unit hired from Toogudeepa Productions who have taken the reels, according to Darshan. Toogudeepa Productions is owned by Darshan, his brother director Dinakar and their mother.