HOO - Kannada movie review

DIRECTOR: V Ravichandran

ACTORS: Ravichandran, Meera Jasmine, Namitha,

People grow old, but love stories do not. So kannada star Ravichandran tries to pass off as a jobless youngster who is the epitome of friendship and love. No need to blame him. Even in the original Telugu Vasantham, the role was played by a not-so-young Venkatesh. But the spontaneity is missing in Hoo.

Ravichandran and Meera Jasmine are childhood friends. Jasmine plays the violin in almost every scene (she is a music teacher) and Ravichandran plays chess thrice in the entire film — he is supposed to be a chess player! Like Vishnuvardhan in kannada movie Karna, Ravichandran is the black sheep of the family for he chooses sports over a job. Soon Jasmine lands in Ravichandran’s home after her father’s death. She convinces the family about Ravichandran’s choices in life.

By this time our chess player has fallen in love with Namitha who covers the screen with her ample assets. Vishnuvardhan had to sacrifice his kidney and give up soccer in Karna. In Hoo, Ravichandran just has to give up playing chess to help Jasmine, which he does without much thought. The film, however, is no tragedy. Ravichandran is the master of visual appeal. In his usual style, there are flowers, balloons and oomph in every scene. But the tragedy is Ravichandran and Namitha together seem like two romancing elephants. Harikrishna’s music, including the background score, sounds like a rehash of Ravichandran’s earlier attempts at composing. Free download kannada songs and videos here.