Will fatherhood dictates Kannada actors choice of films


I always choose roles that family audiences can watch. So, I don’t specifically worry about how my children may perceive the projects I do. Ours is a film family and I’m happy to have done such films so far.


Fatherhood has definitely brought out the best in me. Earlier, I took things for granted, but my daughter has made me take life more seriously — both professionally and personally. But it hasn’t affected my choice of roles because I’ve never done films that featured obscene scenes or that would make audiences uncomfortable. But being a father has definitely helped me become a better actor.


I’ve made an attempt to balance my time between my daughter, Chaaritrya, and my films. I do just 2-3 films a year now and I’m trying to spend as much time with her as possible. But I don’t think an artiste changes because he becomes a father. I’ve always played characters that my audiences like, and will continue to do so. I might, however, do the sort of roles my daughter would like to see me in when she turns three or four.


I have become more picky in terms of the roles I play, but just because I’m a father now, it doesn’t mean that I’ll only play a father on-screen. I’ll continue doing what’s best for me until audiences get bored of me. But it’s a great feeling to have a new entrant in the family. Previously, dad used to take care of me. Now, it’s my turn to be more responsible.


Ever since I became a father, I try to spend as much time as possible with my daughter Parinita between shoots. She’s too young right now, she can’t even say ‘papa’, but as she grows up, I might do roles that she’d like to see me in.