Mimicking mungaru male seen cost the life

Mimicking a daredevil Kannada film stunt scene shot at the famous Jog Falls has cost the lives of tourists, particularly youth, in recent days.

The hit kannada film Mungaru Male, starring Ganesh, has a scene atop the falls area shot from a British bungalow. The actor, while romancing his girl, leans by bending his body to see the falls, and subsequently attempts a stunt of climbing down with the help of branches to show his love for the girl.

When the scene was shot there was no rain and the rocky area was not slippery.

With monsoon enhancing the splendor of the falls, tourists have been flocking to it. And young tourists are trying to emulate Ganesh’s stunt. The top of the falls gets covered by moss and becomes slippery, posing a risk to life. Heavy winds add to the danger.

Since the release of the kannada film, five youths have lost their lives trying to imitate the scene. Two girls from Chitradurga — one a lecturer — and two youths from Bangalore have fallen victim.

Some failed to heed the warnings of fellow tourists and paid a heavy price, suffering grievous injuries.

The Sharavathi river flowing through the lush forests and hilly terrain provides a feast for the eyes enhancing the beauty of the falls with water falling from a height of 800 feet.

The beauty and grace of the falls should be enjoyed from the opposite direction where there are a number of attractive locations. The top portion of the area blocks the view and prevents firemen from trying to rescue those trapped in the rocky area, officials said.

Concerned with the increasing number of accidents, the authorities are taking preventive steps. But many fail to heed warnings.

Many organizations have urged the Jog management authority, that controls the area, to put up a permanent barricade to prevent visitors from entering the falls area.


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