State awards for 2009-10 for kannada film industry

Kannada film makers made a beeline to the Information Department on Wednesday, the last day to submit their films for the state film awards for 2009-10. In fact, out of the 50 or so films vying for the awards, about 25 entered the fray on the last day, according to Mahantesh, superintendent of the film section at the Information Department.

In the last three years, more than 100 Kannada films have been released each year. But remake films are not considered for awards. So, the actual number of films competing for the awards is less than half of those released. Tulu, Konkani and Kodava films also compete for the awards.


In the past, submission of films for the awards received after the cut-off date has led to controversies. Only a gazette notification by the government will enable submission after that. In the last couple of years, a strict schedule had kept the controversies away. But on Wednesday, Information Department officials were grappling with the late rush and could not provide the accurate number.


‘Censor’ Shivu and Arjun, two Sandalwood regulars, were busy helping film makers who had come to submit the forms. The ‘form’ was bulky. Film makers had to submit an official letter signed by the producer or the proprietor of the production house, 15 copies of the lyrics, 15 copies of the synopsis of the film, 15 copies of the song details, censor certificate and details, a censor script (which includes the shot description as well) and proof of release along with a Demand Draft of Rs 5,770. This had many producers fumbling. Shivu and Arjun rescued them with necessary help for a fee of Rs 3,000 per application.

Inevitably, there was confusion. Both the producer and director of kannada film Eddelu Manjunatha arrived with separate copies of submissions. Finally the producer’s (Sanat Kumar) application was filed.


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