Ravichnadran's new kannada film Hoo

Kannada actor Ravichandran’s dream was to release Hoo for his birthday. But unavailability of a cinema hall may derail it.

Ravichandran has not had a release in a long time. Kannada film Manjina Hani has taken its toll. The film is in the making for two years and the actor-director has scrapped most of what was shot and is re shooting. Meanwhile, he has completed Hoo with hot actress sexy Namitha and Meera Jasmine. The release of the film was delayed for various reasons. The release was finally decided for May 28, just in time for his birthday on May 30.

But the unavailability of Santosh cinema hall in Kempe Gowda Road in Bangalore may derail the release yet again. Ravichandran wants the film to be released in this cinema hall. This will count as the ‘main theatre,’ a term for theatres on KG Road, the nerve centre of Sandalwood. But Vijay’s Shankar IPS is releasing here on May 21. It is unlikely to vacate in just one week. Ravichandran is now in two minds. He has to decide either to delay the release of Hoo or move to another cinema hall.


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