First DVD film in Kannada - Kami-Swami

‘Mimicry’ Dayanand has completed directing a kannada video film, Kami-Swami, a comic take on the sex scandal involving Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Master Hirannaiah and television artiste Venkatadri, Prakash and Sagar are among the cast. The DVD will hit the market in the next two days.

It will be on the lines of the audio CDs made popular by Dheerendra Gopal and other artistes a couple of decades ago. Kami-Swami will be the first direct-to-DVD film in Kannada. The film was shot in just over three days. “We worked on the script for the last four weeks. It is updated and there is a line in which the swami’s character says, ‘I had consensual sex with a woman. But there are people who have raped their friend’s wife and are roaming freely outside.’ It is not just about swami bashing. We have included every current issue possible,” says Dayanand who has also written the script.

“We are not trying to encash the issue. I could have just made this as a programme for a television channel. But we are trying to promote this as the first DVD film in Kannada,” said Dayanand.


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