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Stuck between adversaries kannada director Nagathihalli Chandrashekar and hot kannada actress Aindrita Ray, lead actor Santosh is in a tight spot with the promotions of Nooru Janmaku.

Director Nagathihalli Chandrashekar and kanada actress Aindrita Ray are busy with the publicity drive for Nooru Janmaku. But Nagathihalli does not want the actress to share the stage with him. So, she is not seen in any press conference the director attends. Aindrita is, however, seen in television promotions of the film and other promotions like road shows where Nagathihalli is conspicuous by his absence.

Caught between the two is lead kannada actor Santosh, who has managed to become a lead actor after a difficult struggle. Santosh is on good terms with both of them and it is his close friend Vinay Lad who is the producer of the film. His plans of a publicity blitz has now been reduced to the regular advertisement drives. Nagathihalli and Aindrita’s televised spat about a slapping incident in Macau, China during shooting has ruined Santosh’s plans.

Santosh had managed to tie up with numerous business houses for the publicity of the film. “But I am unable to use most of them. We have made savings of at least Rs 40 lakh during shooting, thanks to these sponsors. but we are unable to utilise them to their full potential for our promotions,” he said. A popular beer brand is giving out tickets for the film at their outlets. Santosh sports a publicity t-shirt given by another sponsor and is touring the state to promote the film.

Nagathihalli, on the other hand, says that he is not handling the marketing of the film. The film will have a very limited release. So limited that it will release in only 12 theatres across Karnataka, the least for a Nagathihalli film so far.

Mewest kannada on-screen pair, Aindrita Ray and Santosh, to tell us what it was like working with each other on Nooru Janmaku


SANTOSH AS HERO... As a debutant, he did pretty well. He put in a lot of hard work throughout the film.

HIS WOW FACTOR... He is passionate about everything connected to the film, Nooru Janmaku.

ON THE SETS... He’s really hard-working. I always saw him multitasking. He took care of the overall production, too. He’s passionate about his work in every way and this film, in particular. This was something that I learnt from him.

CHEMISTRY... That’s for the audience to decide. I’m yet to watch the film and I can’t comment on our on-screen romance now.

SONG AND DANCE... He didn’t have to shake a leg much onscreen. Our characters were very dignified, but from what I know, he’s a good dancer. I heard people are loging to download kannada film nooru janmaku songs and they are interested in the lyrics of the film.

NAGATHIHALLI... I’d rather not comment.


ANDY AS HEROINE... She’s a lovely co-star with amazing energy. Working alongside her brought an extra edge to my work.

HER WOW FACTOR... She’s extremely photogenic and looks fab on screen, no matter what she’s doing.

ON THE SETS... It did take some time for us to get comfortable with each other, but once we started working together, the rapport just grew. But even the first time, she didn’t have any airs about her even though she came fresh from the success of Manasaare.

CHEMISTRY... The on-screen chemistry is fairly subtle because the setting is restrained rather than flamboyant. There’s no blatant expression of love; it’s all implied, much of it communicated through the eyes.

SONG AND DANCE... I love dancing, but I don’t have much opportunity to show off my skills in this film. I do, though, love the moves in Nooru Janmaku. And I’d love to do a film that would let me dance.

NAGATHIHALLI... I call him Mestru and working with him is like being in his school. He’s brought out the best in me, coaxing me to raise the bar for myself. I was in awe of his ability to make changes to the script, depending even on the light when we shot. He wrote in the changes, and wrote them in a poetic way.


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