NANNAVANU - Kannada film review

DIRECTOR: Srinivasa Raju

ACTORS: Prajwal Devraj, Aindrita Ray, Doddanna, Komal, Avinash

Avenging previous life’s tragic death is not a new story in kannada films which is usually followed by a lot of bloodshed. Surprisingly, new kannada movie Nannavanu is one such revenge drama played in the court without much use of fake blood. The kannada film is mildly entertaining throughout but does not rise above the average.

A greenhorn advocate played by Prajwal awaits his big break. What he manages mostly are petty cases which also try to be the comic relief prolonging the arrival of the real story. Also delaying the main plot is the comedy track of kannada comedy actor Komal which has no relevance to the film. His gang of thieves steal an ATM machine and suffer dismantling it (The real thieves who stole an ATM machine a few days ago in Bangalore must be appreciating their efforts).

Kannada hot actress Aindrita Ray offers Prajwal a case and Rs 50 crore even if he loses it. She claims she was killed decades ago, in her previous birth, by the current chief minister. The court considers the case as an unsolved murder rather than a reincarnation story. The director, however, shows us in a long flashback how Prajwal and Aindrita were lovers in their previous birth. Kannada actor Avinash, the chief minister, was after a crystal Shiva linga. For advocate Prajwal everything falls in place and he wins the case without much effort. He only has to participate in a few songs and fight scenes while the witness and proof falls into place by themselves.

The film arouses interest with its imaginative plot. But it is not sustained with a taut narrative. The first half is simply wasted on unnecessary trivias. Prajwal is good as the undertaker in the flashback while Aindrita does her job without much fuss. The music is a relief though not of the ‘hit’ quality you expect form Ilayaraja. Not a must watch but you won’t mind watching Nannavanu.


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