Kannada director Om Prakash uses cuss words on Jennifer Kotwal for coming late

It is common knowledge that director Om Prakash Rao is a short-tempered brute on the sets. Angry shouts, cuss words and an occasional slap are mandatory when he is at work.

On Friday however, he took his behaviour to new depths. After wondering aloud in customary fashion as to why the leading lady of his film was late, he spewed cuss words on her as Jennifer Kotwal arrived at a private hotel for the press conference of kannada film Huli.

The press conference of the film had started late and Jennifer Kotwal was even later. Even as the others on stage were talking about the film, Om Prakash was seen shouting and asking his assistants as to ‘where she was.’ But the words he used were not of the polite kind. The scores of journalists and invitees were made privy to the action director’s verbal drivel.

When Jennifer arrived 20 minutes late, Om Prakash turned to a different direction and said, ‘Thu.. naayi.’ But there was no doubt to whom he addressed it. A few minutes later he shouted, “Muchchu baai kal munde (Shut up, you thieving widow),” towards Jennifer’s assistant who was talking to someone at the end of the hall.

However, Jennifer seemed to be oblivious to all these. Om Prakash altered his mood soon after and praised Jennifer to the hilt. “She was very cooperative during the shoot and it was wonderful working with her. I am casting her again in my next film with Darshan,” he said. The two posed together for the shutterbugs with huge smiles. But the bad taste he had left behind left no one in the mood to talk with Om Prakash.


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