AITHALAKADI - Kannada movie review


ACTORS: Rangayana Raghu, Bullet Prakash, Neetu, Srinivas Murthy

The attempt at assembling kannada stars and actors here is considerably more than that of devising a taut screenplay. Maybe the scenes and dialogues were written after confirming the participation of the enviable ‘guest role’ list. Aithalakadi comes across as a challenging attempt let down by the director’s inability at the sheer magnitude of the task.

Kannada comedian Rangayana Raghu is an aspiring director who has spent years in the kannada film industry doing every other task. He is joined by Bullet Prakash and then there is the flower seller, Neetu, whose only ambition is to meet film star Ravichandran. Their struggles are portrayed in a superficial manner. A personal tragedy makes Raghu give up the film he is directing. Confidence is restored when the film becomes a big hit. Meanwhile, numerous stars like Sudeep, Jaggesh, Vijay, Ravichandran and many others appear and disappear from the screen. There is also Prakash’s background, which is revealed in a flashback.

The film is fast-paced and there is an attempt to make every scene light and humorous. Some work while some do not. But the real problem of the film is its narrative. It is a huge jigsaw puzzle which does not fall in place. Songs are the highlight of Aithalakadi. Each is a peppy number that makes the hummable list instantly. Hope this kannada film do a good business.